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Hello and thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

A Little Bit About Me and My Photography

I'm a photographer based mostly in the beautiful town of Newbury, (of Racecourse, Greenham Common and Vodafone fame) and also sometimes in London and my original home area of Staffordshire.

Despite being a rather reserved shy type, people have long been my main source of enjoyment in photography.   Everyone is so different in physical demeanour, personality and comfort level in front of the camera and it's this difference that makes this kind of  photography  so hugely enjoyable and rewarding.  

So I photograph mostly portraits and people  at events, parties or simply out and about, the latter always with permission of course.

My style leans towards a natural look, with relaxed shoots on location, in local parks or at people’s homes. All that's needed is some soft window light or shade from a tree and a willing subject.  I also photograph using off camera flash typically for more posed and formal "shot in the studio" kind of looks.

The Other Things I Do

As a day job I work as a project manager, working on improving telecommunications on the railway.   I'm an outdoorsy active type, into running, cycling  and dancing and in quieter moments will be listening to music, absorbed in a good book or on a seemingly never ending but enjoyable quest to learn the guitar.  Creatively I draw and paint a little but it's photography that's my main passion and where I love to spend most of my time. 


I'm currently looking for selective opportunities for shoots and to expand my portfolio  so if you would  like to work with me on this wonderful journey I'd love to hear from you In the mean time I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures and thanks again for dropping by.